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The business landscape underwent a seismic shift.

Customers, employees, and entrepreneurs found themselves in uncharted territory, redefining the way they work and conduct business, and not without its challenges. Before the pandemic, remote work was a rarity in the customer service sector due to infrastructure limitations. However, as businesses embrace this new paradigm, they often find their existing systems ill-prepared for the task.

Omnichannel Experience

The omnichannel experience aims to provide customers with a seamless and personalised interaction with an organisation. This is achieved by enabling customers to self-help through tools such as guided help and knowledge articles. Issues that cannot be resolved through self-help can be handled through deflective measures such as virtual assistants and knowledge articles. Automated tasks are handled by allowing customers to provide data, while offering a choice of channels for customer interaction. Personalised interactions are based on customer data and service history. Ultimately, the goal of the omnichannel experience is to provide a cohesive and satisfying experience for the customer across all channels of interaction.

Cost-effectively and quickly launch an omnichannel contact centre 

Meet and exceed newly heightened customer expectations.

Empower agents to work seamlessly from anywhere with minimal training

No facilities upkeep or overhead to pay for. No complex, expensive licensing models payment required only for what they use. No long-term commitments or heavy upfront costs. No equipment to buy (beyond headsets and laptops)

Leverage AI and ML to raise the bar on every customer interaction

Frequent product enhancements—no need to wait for annual or biannual updates to seamlessly add new features.

Gain expert contact centre migration support and technology integrations

Evolve and scale with the business

When organisations have deployed Amazon Connect, their interest turns to other features that will enhance the customer experience and reduce KPIs, without the need to have long implementation phases and can be implemented by journey or all journeys again using the same usage based pricing.

  • Using Amazon Lex for artificial intelligence (AI) service with advanced natural language models for conversational interface and chatbots.
  • Real-time caller authentication using machine learning to make voice interactions faster and more secure through Amazon Connect Voice ID
  • A single user interface for the creation and completion of voice calls and chats with Amazon Connect Tasks
  • Fast full-text search on all transcripts with Contact Lens for Amazon Connect and real-time, detailed analytics and sentiment analysis that allows supervisors to quickly understand the trends of customer conversations
  • A more unified view of a customer’s profile with the most up-to-date information through Amazon Connect Customer Profiles
  • Time savings with Amazon Connect Wisdom to help agents quickly navigate and search multiple sources of information based on phrases and questions exactly as the customer would ask them

Enhance Customer and Employee Experience

Devoteam can help integrate Amazon Connect and ServiceNow for an amazing omnichannel experience.

Modernise your Customer Experience 

Our QuickStart package empowers you to swiftly dive into Amazon Connect’s myriad of advanced features, to enable an unparalleled CX tailored to your precise needs.


Deliver Value in the Contact Centre

Integrate Jira Service Management into your Amazon Connect workflows to offer a tailored experience to employees and customers across all channels.

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Your challenge. A new kind of Contact Centre, with technologies that meet heightened customer expectations!

Without enterprise-size budgets and large teams of people, most smaller businesses need solutions that help them deliver better customer experiences with fewer resources while empowering agents to be effective from anywhere.

Devoteam, an AWS Premier partner, can offer you the support and guidance you need to migrate from your existing provider or build a new Contact Centre platform.

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News The omnichannel contact centre world is changing continuously. Keep up and follow all the AWS updates.


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