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Amazon Connect QuickStart


Explore what’s possible with AI to set an inspiring vision that wins support across the organisation.

Amazon Connect stands tall in the Customer Experience (CX) realm, offering a revolutionary consumption-based pricing model that outshines traditional licensing. Our QuickStart package empowers you to swiftly dive into Amazon Connect’s myriad of advanced features, to enable an unparalleled CX tailored to your precise needs.

Key Benefits

Rapid Implementation: Get operational in 10 days.

Consumption-based Pricing: No minimum use contract or licence lock in, only pay for what you use.

Scalability: Adapt to evolving demands (up or down) effortlessly.

Resilience: Amazon Connect deployment over multiple Availability Zones within a region ensures high availability.

Enhanced Customer Experience: Elevate interactions.

Cost Efficiency: Cloud based so requires no infrastructure related investment or management expenses.

Operational Streamlining: Boost efficiency across the board.

Our QuickStart package offers an expedited initiation into Amazon Connect, providing access to essential features and resources:

  • Foundational Elements:
    • Up to 5 Phone Numbers
    • Up to 100 Agents
    • 5 Call Flows and Queues
    • 5 Routing Profiles
    • Outbound Dialling & Call Recording
    • Agent Softphone/Workspace
    • Real-time & Historical Reports Training
    • Testing & Number Porting

  • Optional Add-Ons: Enhance your experience with additional services, deployable during QuickStart or later:
    • Support Services: Break/Fix, Q&A
    • AI Integration: Amazon Lex bots
    • Multichannel Support: Web Chat, CRM Integration
    • Advanced Analytics: Contact Lens, Dashboards
    • Workflow Automation: Step-by-Step Guides
    • Voice Biometrics & Security: PCI-DSS Compliance, Wisdom
    • Expanded Communication Channels: SMS, Social Media Integration

      We bring years of Contact Centre experience to ensure that the solution is optimised to the business needs as well as bringing the technical innovation to enable the rapid and cost effective implementation of the solution.

About Devoteam

Devoteam is an IT consultancy company focused on cloud, data, integration, platform technologies, and business transformations to help organizations become future-proof. With 25 years of experience in IT and more than 10,000 employees in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa, Devoteam sees it as its mission to help individuals and organizations make a positive impact on society, using innovative technology.

Our Expertise:

Our experts bring many years of experience working with Contact Centres in organisations big and small across sectors as diverse as finance, travel, utilities, logistics, public sector, retail and more. We really understand the demands of delivering great Customer Experience in the rapidly evolving world where customer expectation is constantly growing. Today’s customers increasingly expect their problems and requirements to be solved faster and through a growing number of channels of their convenience such as social media, WhatsApp and a myriad of other means. 

Technology of course plays a huge role in meeting these challenges. Automation, AI and Bots will revolutionise how Customer Experience is delivered.

As AWS Premier Partners with a specialist team focussed on Amazon Connect, Devoteam combines our deep understanding of Contact Centre operations and market leading Contact Centre Technology to enable our Clients to compete and win in this fast changing landscape.

We firmly believe there will be winners and losers as technology in this space evolves and changes ever faster. With Devoteam’s deep understanding of this space and partnering with AWS’s market leading contact centre solution and unrivalled continuous investment in R&D, we believe this represents a powerful combination with which to enable our clients to succeed.