Agile IT

Agile IT for digital transformation

Agile IT from Devoteam will help you build a new IT operating model to enable your digital transformation. Under Devoteam’s guidance you will innovate with continuity, prepare for rapid business changes and deliver operational and financial efficiency.


  • Proven Expertise

    Devoteam has 50 certified DevOps consultants. We propose target models, architectures and change plans that are the result of experience gained through numerous concrete engagements with respected customers in all sectors.
  • International yet local

    Devoteam’s success owes much to the combination of both business and technical knowledge gathered by our experts in all the countries. This shared knowledge provides unequalled technical depth which we apply to our clients based locally.
  • Independence

    For over 20 years, Devoteam has maintained a strong sense of independence as a vendor-agnostic alternative to the large consulting groups. This ethos permeates the entire organisation, where each consultant is empowered to take the initiative to go one step further in each of their projects to delight our customers.
  • Collaborative methods

    Devoteam has its own set of approaches developed over many years. It encourages participation by multiple client stakeholders while adhering where possible to out-of-the-box solutions to lower costs and risks.
  • Client relationships

    Devoteam takes pride in the long-term relationships we develop with clients. While these can far outlive a vendor's technology arc, we eschew short-term gain in favour of engagements that respect our clients' means. We focus on affordable solutions without compromise on quality, not on expansion.

Agile IT from Devoteam is designed to help companies succeed in their digital transformation. Based on continuous improvement, Agile IT brings the capability to address all areas in a fast, efficient and secure way, to help you to meet your business expectations.

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