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August 22, 2023 - 10:00 am to 11:00 am UTC+1

Supercharge your Net Zero goals with MuleSoft

Online event

The live webinar has now been broadcasted. You can watch the on demand session here:

Urgent action is needed to address the global climate imperative. We believe organisations can play their part to become Net Zero and reduce their carbon footprint.

By utilising MuleSoft and the 360° power of Salesforce, organisations can gain valuable insights into their emissions and help make timely and accurate data-driven decisions to work towards Net Zero. With evolving ESG regulations, enterprises need to be able to define KPIs and metrics to demonstrate their compliance.

At this webinar, Devoteam will share its approach and experience in this area and address these challenging business issues

So Why Attend

  • Address the business challenges around sustainability, carbon account & collection of emissions scope data and reduce the ongoing effort needed to ensure a consistent collection approach
  • Does your organisation need to understand the impact of any individual decision, process and tasks?
  • Would you like transparency into your CO2 emissions?
  • Actively manage your data to calculate your CO2 emissions, and make data driven decisions to reduce your emissions and achieve NetZero goals

Do you know where to start

  • Do you want to gain a competitive advantage by identifying ways to lower individual and collection carbon footprint? This will help organisations with data insights to minimise waste, buy green products and get services from environmentally friendly companies. 
  • Take a technology driven approach and create a 360° view of your ecosystem.
  • Obtain the tools to allow companies to make commitments and pledge to NetZero.

Session Agenda

  • Sustainability and NetZero Challenges
  • Approach to Address the Challenges
  • Actionable Data Driven Decision Making to reach NetZero

If you have similar challenges in your organisation, then join us on Tuesday 22nd August at 10am BST to discuss with Devoteam the options available.

Find out more on Supercharging your Net Zero goals with Mulesoft here:


Richard Cooper

Principle PM Consultant

Richard is an accomplished agile delivery lead with over 15 years’ experience working with development teams to successfully deliver products & projects with positive outcomes. Richard works at the team, programme and leadership level, promoting continuous improvements, taking a coaching and mentoring approach to building high performing teams. Richard has built, developed & managed over 12+ delivery teams and draws on this wealth of experience to ensure team success.

Bobby James

MuleSoft Solution Architect

Bobby is a well-qualified, practical and diligent Solution Architect and Software Engineer with over 25 years’ experience in software development, design, architecture, implementation, delivery and leadership. Managed and led teams; solved complex problems; and integrated data systems and external applications with web technologies. Now specialising in integration and Mulesoft.

Tom Saxby

Resource Management Analyst

Tom is a diligent Resource Management Analyst with a specialism in Sustainability stemming from his degree in Geography with Environmental Forestry. Tom sits on the Devoteam Group sustainability team as the Devoteam UK Carbon Champion.

August 22, 2023 - 10:00 am to 11:00 am UTC+1

Supercharge your Net Zero goals with MuleSoft