Securing Digital comes with digitizing security

White Paper based on a Devoteam x IDC survey

The more the company goes digital, the more the intellectual and technological tools need to be adapted to the complexities of this environment.

No company can no longer ignore these two matters. The rise of digital, remote and collaborative work means that uses are changing. Information systems are becoming fragmented in the Cloud, complexity is increasing and risks are proliferating. 

But have companies fully grasped the security implications and revised their approach to the subject?

In early 2020 Devoteam commissioned IDC to run an EMEA survey on Cybersecurity. The results are published in a series of three white papers, each focusing on a dimension of the study. While the first one was about risk management and business impact, this second one out is about Workplace & Digital transformation security. 

Download the white paper to deep dive into the subject.