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MAP your journey to AWS

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Learn how to approach your organisations’ data centre migration with Amazon Web Services (AWS) by evaluating your core reasons for cloud adoption and how to achieve your business goals.

The benefits of migrating to Amazon Web Services (AWS) go beyond changing where you run your IT and it can’t just be about cost savings. AWS empowers businesses to improve productivity, business agility, operational resilience and faster time to market. Your migration focus can be about cost reduction, but highly dangerous if it is the only reason. Devoteam A Cloud has helped several organisations migrate to AWS with a defined methodology that expedites the achievement of their business objectives. A methodology that is deliverable based and outcomes focussed on your success. In this webinar, hear us talk about how to map your journey to the cloud by leveraging AWS’s MAP (Migration Acceleration Program). 

Devoteam and AWS have the right experience, defined solutions and customer obsessed culture to help accelerate your cloud migration. Join Devoteam and AWS for a webinar on how to approach cloud migration to modernise your business. 

Meet our speakers below who share their experience and knowledge on how to be successful on your cloud journey. 

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Webinar Agenda

  • Who are Devoteam A Cloud
  • Introduction to Migrate and Modernise
  • AWS Migration Acceleration Programme (MAP)
  • Customer Case Studies
  • Q&A

Meet our speakers

Prabhat Handoo

Principal Consultant Cloud Strategy at Devoteam A Cloud

“A unique chance to dive deep into the world of MAP, with experts to guide you along the journey and answer all of your questions – that’s what our webinar is all about!”

Andy Montgomery

Digital Transformation and Cloud Specialist at Devoteam A Cloud

“This is the first webinar of its kind: a look at migration as a whole. A definite can’t-miss for anyone interested in the field.”

Didier Pavy

Cloud Transformation Consultant at Devoteam

“Our teams work in partnership with CIOs and digital entities to support them in their digital transformation.”

Subharthi Ghosh

Migration Acceleration Program at Amazon Web Services

Extensive experience in leading Digital Technology Sales/Business Development in UK, Europe, APAC and India. Passionate about driving strategic & competitive positioning of innovative solutions/products to ensure faster innovation & growth in global businesses.

If you have any questions on our on demand webinar or if we can help with anything else, fill in the form and a member of our team will be in touch.

Frequently Asked Questions

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The webinar is aimed at all of those interested in diving into the field of migration.

The webinar was recorded on 28th September 2022 and is now available to watch on demand.

The webinar is now available to watch on this webpage and on our YouTube channel.