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Atlassian User Management Changes

This Expert View article describes the upcoming changes to User Administration in Atlassian Cloud Products.

If you’re a Jira Admin, user management is probably already a significant part of your daily workload. The more users you have in your organisation the more notifications and emails you’ll get about product access requests on top of maintaining groups for product access and permissions.

Even if you have Atlassian Access, you may still be maintaining users and groups in Jira groups that aren’t synced with your identity provider.

Why not delegate?

We’re regularly encouraged to automate where possible, or shift-left the less risky and complicated activities, so that simple tasks can be resolved faster and we can prioritise resources for more specialised activity.

Project or Space admins are able to manage access to their projects/spaces, but users can’t get that far without a licence.

As much as Jira Admins would love to pass user management to another team, many don’t currently feel safe to do so. This would require giving them a “Site Admin” role with access to change almost all system settings and potentially break how Jira works for your users.

User Admins are coming!

During mid 2023 “Site Admin” and “Trusted User” are being deprecated.

Atlassian is introducing a dedicated Product Role for ‘User Admin”. This means that user management can be delegated to other users or teams without having to provide unnecessary administrative access! They won’t even count as a billable user! (Unless they have other product roles assigned).

This is great for managing large user bases and will allow orgs to delegate user management per product. For example ‘User/Group A’ can be assigned ‘User Admin’ for Confluence, while ‘User/Group B’ can be assigned ‘User Admin’ for Jira Software.


It’s exciting to see this change implemented as it will allow Jira admins to delegate user admin responsibilities to other teams and focus on getting the most of Atlassian products. It might be time to start thinking about who you can delegate to and what governance or processes need to be in place to make user management processes as smooth as possible. Note: Full details on the changes can be found on Atlassian’s official blog post here.

If you would like to assess or streamline how user management and permissions are handled at your organisation, please contact us and speak to one of our Atlassian experts! Another great opportunity to connect with us is at SITS – The Service Desk and IT Support Show, meet us at booth 179.

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