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Containerisation Suitability Assessment

Does your organisation suffer with older business critical applications that are difficult to maintain, add features to or update? Are they inefficient and costly to run? Do they perform slower or become unresponsive at peak or busy periods of transactions?

Complete a Containerisation Suitability Assessment today from an AWS trusted partner

Devoteam A Cloud is mandated by AWS to deliver the Containerisation Suitability Assessment, a program that allows authorised partners to support customers in the analysis and optimisation of their workloads.

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Take Devoteam’s FREE Application Container Suitability Assessment

  • It’s a data led assessment

We ask you to complete a short form and provide a specific data set about your application and we use this to create an initial suitability output together.

  • Business and technical input

    We weight our findings based on both business and technical priorities.

  • You will receive a report with a roadmap and recommendations report

    We provide an assessment report with recommendations based on our framework and your inputs. The time required depends upon the size and scope of the assessment.

  • Consult an expert

    Discuss your recommendations report with an experienced Containerisation practitioner for more contextualised guidance such as how to approach such a transformation, most appropriate methodology etc.

Example Report / Diagrams

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