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AWS – Well-Architected Review

Is your AWS environment cost optimised, secure, reliable, performant and following best practices?

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Gain peace of mind by reviewing your AWS environment with a partner-led, Well-Architected Review, which includes answering questions against AWS design principles and best practices across six pillars:

Operational Excellence 

Exemplifying infrastructure management practices, such as alerting, monitoring, and automated changes.


Implementing Identity and Access Management (IAM) configuration, AWS account policy, use of encryption, and security groups.


Enhancing application resiliency, resource redundancy and the ability to recover quickly.

Performance Efficiency 

Selecting the best-suited resources, rightsizing, and maintaining efficiency.

Cost Optimisation 

Ensuring cloud services are best suited to business needs, such as using reserved instances and spot instances if EC2 is unavoidable, or taking advantage of serverless where possible to reduce costs.


Raising awareness and reducing the impact of cloud resources on the environment.

How can we help you?

Our AWS Well-Architected review starts with a simple questionnaire, led by an experienced and certified AWS consultant. Our objective is to understand your operational priorities, the current state of your infrastructure, desired improvements and the wider context of the application. Your application architecture is then reviewed from the perspective of the six pillars, with recommendations aligned to the best practices for architectures on AWS.


AWS Well-Architected Review Partner

Devoteam A Cloud is certified by AWS to deliver the Well-Architected Framework, a program that allows authorised partners to support customers in the analysis and optimisation of their workloads.

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Andy Montgomery
Chief Technology Officer