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Modernisation Business Case – Devoteam A Cloud

You want to modernise your applications using containers, serverless and cloud managed services, but you need to create the case for change.

Complete a Modernisation Business Case today from an AWS trusted partner

Devoteam A Cloud is mandated by AWS to deliver the Modernisation Business Case, a program that allows authorised partners to support customers in the analysis and optimisation of their workloads.

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Get help with creating your application modernisation business case.

  • What are your business imperatives?

  • What will your success criteria be?

  • How will your prioritise your workloads?

  • What will the tech platform look like?

  • What will be the impact on your applications?

  • What will be the organisational and cultural impact be?


Work with Devoteam to help write or validate your business case to ensure you get off to a good start.

  • Business led assessment

We ask you to complete a short form and provide a specific data set about your business reasons and priorities for modernising your application landscape.

  • Data led assessment

We have a mechanism to help you with a bottom up assessment of which applications require different modernisation strategies. 

  • From our initial assessment, we can create the basis for creating and validating your business case.

We provide an assessment report with recommendations based on our framework and your inputs. The time required depends upon the size and scope of the assessment. 

  • Consult an expert

Discuss your recommendations report with an experienced Containerisation practitioner for more contextualised guidance such as how to approach such a transformation, most appropriate methodology etc.

To get started with your creating or validating your application modernisation business case, please fill out the form.