DevOps and ITSM – Friends or Foes?

Today’s pace of change is relentless and the need to transform to stay competitive in a post-pandemic landscape is essential. To keep up with the market, adoption of DevOps will be key, but what does this mean for IT Service Management (ITSM) practices?

With ITSM seen as focusing on stability and predictability and DevOps driving change and disruption, are they mutually exclusive? With tension inevitable between the two camps how can they possibly collaborate?

This paper (10 min read) the UKs’ Head of DevOps Graham Zabel, Head of Business Consulting Hannah Holden, and Principal Consultant Kinjal Mody come together to discuss the ways in which DevOps and ITSM can coexist in harmony. The paper explores how cultural integration through the creation of a common language and data models can ensure a collaborative, symbiotic relationship between the two, and ultimately, a more successful transformation. Download today!

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