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Enhanced early warning system by Devoteam is a world first in IT Service Assurance

Devoteam helped the card issuer reduce risk by leveraging CA eHealth to monitor business activity in real-time and improve early visibility of potential problems.

Devoteam helped the card issuer reduce risk by leveraging CA eHealth to monitor business activity in real-time and improve early visibility of potential problems.

Enhanced early warning system is a world first for IT Service Assurance

This major credit card issuer relies on a visionary and innovative approach to IT. It chose Devoteam, experts in service assurance and IT service management solutions, to create an enhanced monitoring solution for better management of irregular payment card usage and application alerts. The project paid for itself with early identification of a single critical incident, which the client acknowledged as a world first.

The main challenges

With over 17 million customers worldwide, the client appreciates that exceptional customer service is critical to retention of its leadership position. However, the need to gain the most from existing solutions rather than invest in new technology presents a challenge which only innovative thinking can ensure.

The client has a complex series of IT systems to support its business. Full data on card usage was already captured, but it needed to be analysed and checked for unexpected changes or anomalies in usage patterns fast enough to limit any impact on customers.

The organisation appointed Devoteam to create and implement the Early Warning Monitoring solution for its Technology Office, based on its knowledge of Devoteam’s capabilities.

What did we solve?

Devoteam’s answer was based around CA’s eHealth, a powerful solution for monitoring performance and availability of IP-based devices across complex and heterogeneous IT environments. By proactively detecting and isolating irregularities, eHealth takes the guesswork out of pinpointing problems on the horizon and misallocation of resources before they degrade the performance of the IT infrastructure.
“We knew Devoteam had the expertise and understanding of our business needs to implement this solution effectively.” IT Director
Following analysis of the data flow Devoteam enhanced the capabilities of the standard eHealth to monitor eight million payment card transactions and application alerts, such as the decline of large requests. Prior to implementation, Devoteam designed a prototype to demonstrate the new utility in action. Reports were created to display graphically the results, show trends and aid rapid identification of any issues. We conducted functional testing prior to release and equipped their IT staff with project documentation to help in the transfer and knowledge of skills.The project immediately proved its value to the business by early warning of a single critical incident – a world first.

The main benefits

Devoteam successfully delivered each of the three phases of the solution to the milestones set by the client. Our early warning enhancements have helped the client leverage Performance Management to monitor critical business activity in real-time and improve early visibility of problems.

  • Early warning indicators prevent critical incidents
  • Leveraging an industry solution saved money
  • Optimising existing systems saves valuable IT time
  • Visualising critical incidents early justified the project
  • The enhancement supports capacity planning
  • Visionary IT protects the reputation of the business

This project is yet another example of how the client’s IT is at the forefront of innovation.