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Devoteam kickstarts UK FinTech Enterprise on their Digital Transformation journey

Streamlining processes for better business outcomes, driving automation and best practices

The Snapshot


Many processes and procedures were manually fulfilled and not regularly reviewed causing costly delays with Service Requests.


The company wanted to Digitally Transform its processes to increase efficiency.


Devoteam UK assigned to create a transformation template by executing on 3 use cases submitted internally

The challenge

This organization is one of the UK’s Leading financial Services Companies, with 24,000 people, in 65 countries, across 100+ locations. The client asked Devoteam UK to create and prove a transformation template by executing on 3 use cases submitted internally.

Through conducting interviews with multiple teams, we found many processes and procedures were manually fulfilled and not regularly reviewed. This was determined to be a contributing factor causing costly delays with Service Requests.

Devoteam UK reviewed Changes and Incidents which were also found to be fulfilled manually.

To gather business-wide use cases, we published an internal survey to identify additional transformation opportunities. This revealed a large subset of similar themes where there were common automated procedures that could be implemented.

The solution

We used tools such as ServiceNow, Microsoft PowerApps, other API Integrations and Jira to establish a more streamlined approach. This led to a reduction in time to fulfill from weeks to minutes.

We needed to create a process for future teams to follow to ensure successful and repeatable outcomes. It was important to create modular solutions so they could be reused without duplicating effort.

One of the main challenges to ensuring success in any Digital Transformation project is Company Culture. Devoteam worked closely with Service and Product Owners to adopt a ”Citizen Developer” mindset. With appropriate training and by establishing relevant guardrails to protect each service, teams are now able to experiment in development environments to create automated solutions for their teams’ needs.

The better change

Reduced operating costs through consolidated toolsets and avoiding costly integrations.

Improved User Experience by reducing fulfillment time of Service Requests by 95%.

Automated modular processes reducing manual effort and Increased visibility of Requests, Incidents and Changes.

Introduced a Citizen Developer culture.


Devoteam created a modern and repeatable template for a UK FinTech Company to use to drive their 2-3 year Digital Transformation journey. By executing against this documented approach Devoteam demonstrated the art of the possible to enable a self-service, citizen developer mindset.