Data as a Service

Powering business decisions with data

Being more effective and making quicker decisions with real-time data analysis and an integrated data strategy based on data quality.

Data and its value are growing exponentially in the 21st century. Major IT challenges are mostly related to data (and its massive growth). These challenges often include questions such as: How do I get a grip on data? Where is my data stored? Which (advanced) analytics possibilities are there to optimise its use? How reliable or trustworthy is my data?

Devoteam understands these challenges like no other and helps companies become high-quality data-driven organisations.

The Devoteam approach towards Data & Analytics

Devoteam is a known authority in the field of data & analytics

  • Implemented and operated reporting platforms for several clients
  • Works closely with different reporting vendors (TIBCO, Microsoft, Google)
  • Can evangelise the value of (advanced) analytics within any organisation (e.g. machine Learning, artificial intelligence)

Flexible in engagement model: build & operate or consultancy

  • Build & operate: builds an end-to-end solution and hands over to any existing IT organisation (including documentation and training)
  • Consultancy: helping out any customers in any data & analytics challenge by sharing
    our expertise and experiences.




Darrell Woods
Senior Account Manager - Enterprise, Devoteam UK

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