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White Paper: Microservices – the next step in IT

Devoteam microservices white paperMicroservices and microservice architectures are getting a lot of attention lately. Although the concept of services and distributed architectures is not new, one wonders why. microservices are different.

In a way microservices are the next evolutionary step from SOAP and SOA, but that is too narrow a view. Microservices architecture not only combines both the legacy of SOAP and SOA with HTTP and REST, but also adds DevOps methodologies to the mix. This makes microservices an enabler for improving your IT delivery process.

Microservices architecture is more than just a software architecture style in which a single application is divided in small services, each running on its own. It is also a culture that organisations need to adopt.

In this white paper we’ll discuss the general concept behind microservices, the advantages of microservices and microservice architectures and lastly some of the challenges that are fundamental to the successful adoption of a microservice architecture.

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