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One Team, One Goal

Devoteam UK held its kick-off meeting on 16 May 2018 following Bert Schaap’s arrival in the UK as country manager.
We were delighted that colleagues from Paris, Germany and Holland where able to share this occasion with us. 


Bert Schaap shared detail of the UK’s restructure. This will be core to the UK’s success in helping the Group achieve its ambitious objective of €1bn revenue by 2020. We have tremendous growth plans and are excited about the opportunities that we will be sharing together as ‘One Team. 


Sébastien Chevrel, Chief Operating Officer of Devoteam, reported the Group’s exceptional financial result for Q1 2018 (17% organic growth) and the direction in which the Group is headed. 


Our colleagues Debbie Elder, Matt Phipps and Simon Ruszala shared experiences along with development plans for RedHat, BMC and service delivery.


This was followed by a team-building cooking experience at the Underground Cookery School where we made pasta, ragu and chocolate torte from scratch! What a great evening!