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Microsoft Inspire 2018, Day 2 – The highlights so far!

Devoteam goes to Microsoft Inspire 2018

Devoteam is on the ground and live from Microsoft Inspire 2018, held at Las Vegas this week.  For those of you who don’t know it, this is an annual international conference which brings together Partners and the 40,000 people from Microsoft on-site to meet and get inspired over four days!

 For those of you who can’t make the 2018 edition, let us share some insights we’ve learned so far, in terms of technological innovation, solution strategy, and go-to-market initiatives.

Here are the Key Takeaways for Day Two:

“A partnership with Microsoft is a partnership with the Microsoft ecosystem” –Gavriella Schuster, Microsoft VP Partner

Gavriella Schuster, Microsoft VP Partner stated that Cloud is America’s modern day Gold rush. She said that the fortune for Cloud is built via the infrastructure surrounding it and the data stored within.

  • Schuster also announced App Source, so that partner companies can control trial, positioning, experience and private marketplace to create offer and pricing for a specific customer. 
  • In Schuster’s opinion, it’s more important than ever for Microsoft and their partners to focus on the following three things: value proposition, seller readiness and support.

Azure and Intelligence Everywhere

Jason Zander,  Executive Vice President of the Microsoft Azure Team, explained that Microsoft Azure and Microsoft 365 has been influenced by Intelligent Cloud and Intelligent edge.

  • He introduced features such as Azure stack, a Cloud consistent application model that partners can run in their own control; Azure Migrate, making workload successfully migrated and many other features such as Azure Database Migration service and many more. 
  • For Application modernisation, key investments are made in the DevOps area by Microsoft – for example Visual Studio Code. 
  • For Data, they are offering sequel and non-sequel Azure operation services (SQL DB, MySQL, etc.) by providing built in backup and point in time restore. 
  • Finally Microsoft have displayed some core statistics on SQL and Azure’s performance for query run time and prices. 

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