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Devoteam launches first TechRadar Report

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Responding to the major challenges of our time through technology

In an increasingly complex and ever-changing technological environment, the first edition of the TechRadar, a guide to the myriad of emerging technologies, provides the 100% agnostic view of Devoteam’s top experts who have identified and evaluated more than 130 technologies.

The Devoteam TechRadar presents the most promising new technologies capable of solving current and recurring challenges related to digital transformation, data-based business management, IT infrastructure performance, business process automation, resilience and cybersecurity, and finally, the implementation of sustainable digital transformation strategies.

This deliberately agnostic guide is the result of an expert, passionate and unbiased selection by 100 of the best engineers. It is the expression of what inspires and motivates our employees today. It allows us to respond to our clients’ challenges and contribute to better change.

A first edition true to Devoteam’s promise to provide technology for better change

Devoteam also wants to promote positive technology and prove that it is essential for a better future. This is the ambition of the brand manifesto. Contrary to preconceived ideas about technology, Devoteam emphasises the best it has to offer and what it is: a catalyst for better and sustainable change.

At Devoteam, we believe that the answer to the major challenges of our time can only be addressed through technology. But we also believe that we can only build a better, more prosperous, peaceful and sustainable world if we are guided by strong values. Some of these are already bringing about major transformations, others are still known only to a few specialists, but all have the potential to be, right now, the fundamental building blocks of a better future for companies, for their employees and for the world in general. It is crucial for organisations to have them on their radar

The four trends to remember

1 – Decentralisation – Faced with complexity, increasingly decentralised and granular approaches

The cloud is more than a technology. Because centralised approaches can no longer handle the colossal amounts of information required today, the cloud is now a necessity for understanding complexity. Many of the solutions featured in this TechRadar are part of the evolution of cloud services to small blocks, microservices, containers and functions that are operated by increasingly autonomous teams, moving away from a centralised approach.

2 – Simplicity – Ease of use, a double-edged obsession

To enable everyone to leverage the latest technologies and focus as much as possible on business issues, the vast majority of technologies featured in this TechRadar all seek to make things easier. To do this, they use automation, AI and user-friendly interfaces. But what looks simple on the surface can be far more complex underneath.

3 – Speed – In a world of speed, technology sets the pace

Timing is the most crucial aspect of any modern business, especially with the rise of lean design and agile go-to-market strategies. Consequently, speed is the common denominator for the technologies in the Devoteam TechRadar. As many of the featured technologies are open-source, we can expect that they will grow as fast as the community needs them to.

4 – Sustainability – Sustainable development, a still emerging concern

As technology affects all aspects of life, it is natural that all aspects of life should in turn affect technology. Technology is now expected to confront the sustainability issues facing our society. Sustainability will continue to be a top priority for all technology players, regardless of their size.

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