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Devoteam Foundation announce three year partnership with 21, the French Red Cross booster for innovation

At Devoteam we believe in the power of technology to change the world for the better.

With this always front of mind, Devoteam are delighted to announce a partnership between our Devoteam Foundation and the Red Cross for the next 3 years. This partnership is part of the #TechforPeople program launched in 2018 by Devoteam Foundation, which aims to maximize the impact of social entrepreneurs and NGO through technology.

Devoteam experts will support the actions of the French Red Cross and the social entrepreneurs it supports, especially through skills sponsorship. We will use our skills to maximize their social impact, offering them consulting days to solve their technical issues. In particular, we will help social entrepreneurs supported by 21, the Red Cross booster for innovation.

This partnership now formalizes an already long-standing collaboration. Projects have included the development of a collaborative application for Clichés that creates pedagogical tools including a podcast, the deployment of the MeHandYou web platform which aims to develop the autonomy of people with disabilities and the the creation of Minutis, an application which coordinates French emergencies. 

We also supported the launch of the Red Cross in Your Home (Croix Rouge chez vous) in just a few days during the COVID-19 lockdown, enabling vulnerable people to benefit from logistical help and psychological assistance via a social hotline. 

From our leadership to the individual Devoteamers working on these projects we are very proud and excited to see how our partnership with this great organisation grows and flourishes over the next three years.*



Grégoire Ducret Chief Innovation Officer French Red Cross, Devoteam CEO Stanislas de Bentzmann and Director General of the French Red Cross Jean-Christophe Combe signing the new partnership agreement.