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Build better quality software in the cloud with Devoteam Quality Service

Ensuring quality for ServiceNow developmentDevoteam Quality Service for ServiceNow

With constant requests coming from the business for extra ServiceNow functionality, and so many upgrades to leverage, analysing for possible performance and upgrade issues is not easy in an agile world.

Further, an inconsistent approach to coding taken by many IT developers only adds to the task of releasing viable systems as testing is a time-consuming, manual process that does not necessarily help validate code quality and any possible risks. So, what is the answer?

Avoid technical debt

Devoteam Quality Service for ServiceNow is the only independent quality assurance and governance analytics solution that provides with you valuable insights into the code in your ServiceNow instance(s). It defines and measures quality assurance for ServiceNow with granular output that can be actioned. Start avoiding technical debt today!

Here are some questions the Devoteam Quality Service will answer:

  • Are my ServiceNow applications configured to the best practices for the platform?
  • Can my customisations scale with the ServiceNow platform?
  • How easy is it to upgrade to a later version of ServiceNow?

With over 300 specialists optimising ServiceNow in the UK and across Europe, Devoteam offers a unique audit of the state of ServiceNow development applications and their impact on the performance of the service platform.

Devoteam selected Quality Clouds for ServiceNow as a partner product in recognition of the productivity and quality gains that could be made within a whole range of ServiceNow deployments.

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