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The Future of API Management

A White Paper from Devoteam

The digital ecosystem is evolving in many directions. Organisations are adopting multiple channels to drive new sales avenues, develop new business models and generate greater revenue. This triggers the need to unlock business assets to the outside world in a secure manner.

The increasing demand from internet business models, IoT, social media and cloud adoption will greatly increase the need to expose the business assets to the outside world by means of API. The number of APIs is exponentially growing with demanding business needs. As more and more APIs are exposed to the outside world, organisations are struggling with securing these APIs and their underlying systems against external threats, monitoring the usage of APIs and data, and monetising assets to generate more revenue. These new complexities demand very efficient API lifecycle management, and the use of API analytics to monitor health trends and insights into the API ecosystem.

In short, API management becomes a “basic primitive” offering of the IT portfolio.

Read this white paper by Devoteam, The Future of API Management, for an explanation of APIs, platform businesses, API management, and the drivers for investing in API management.

A well-defined API provides the building blocks that a programmer can use to assemble an application efficiently.


Demands from business for increased IT responsiveness requires investment in API management.