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MuleSoft Summit 2018, London

By Scott McRae, Account Director, DevoteamMuleSoft Devoteam

I was delighted to be invited to the MuleSoft Summit in London on 13th November: my second day with Devoteam. If you haven’t heard of MuleSoft before, it’s a rapidly growing API platform providing the connectivity between legacy applications and the modern world of digital, cloud and IoT. Interestingly it is a tech success story with a British founder in Ross Mason who is still there as VP of Product Strategy.

Immediately noticeable was that the event had more than doubled in size from last year with 2,500 attendees and so it had moved out to ExCeL, near City Airport. To give you an idea of the size of ExCel it takes more than 10 minutes to walk from one end to the other and the West and East entrances have their own different stops on the DLR. This reflects MuleSoft’s growth with some 1,400+ customers and 175,000 developers now part of the fold.

Much of the day was around customer stories and the ability of the platform to deliver for large enterprises with multiple brands in many countries worldwide. The CIO of Mars likened the API platform to the engine of a Ferrari and pointed out that both the engine and the connectivity of the engine to the car had to be right to deliver high performance.

Also of interest was the Visualiser tool that provides a map of all APIs and integrations, and the introduction of AI to simplify further API design and coding, and to support operations management, including automated failover of services and completion of outstanding transactions.

On a process side, capability maturity was a common discussion point with most customer implementations still around two or three out of five on the MuleSoft scale. While MuleSoft facilitates reuse with its library, changing the culture within IT to a reuse first approach remains a challenge that needs to be overcome to reap the benefits of the API approach.

One of the best things about these events is the opportunity to network and this year’s summit was no exception. I was able to make relevant contacts at HSBC, Bank of America and National Trust. All in all a great second day in Devoteam.

So, if a MuleSoft employee is called a mule, a Google employee a Googler, at Globant globers, is the name for a Devoteam employee a devotee?

Devoteam is a leading ICT specialist with deep expertise of integration and API management technologies (Red Hat, Google, TIBCO, MuleSoft). Devoteam builds seamless frameworks of applications, data sources, and devices connected by APIs anywhere to enable companies to do more, faster, with less.

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