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Google Cloud Next ‘19 – Turning Talk to Action

A ticket to Google Cloud Next ’19 is one of the hottest in our line of work, bringing together some of the brightest minds in tech and we were excited to get going!

We discovered that there’s a real shift happening with cloud technology and how we perceive it. Cloud is no longer seen as a technical issue solely relevant to the IT department, but is now embraced as a business enabler that affects every aspect of the company straight up to the boardroom.

At Devoteam we believe that innovation through technology can be a real force for positive change, one that benefits both the organisations we work with from a business perspective – and the people within them. Next ’19 gave us the opportunity to showcase our mix of experience, proven methodology and track record. We’ve always spoken about the vastly positive impact technology can have as long as it includes human values – a mentality we share with Google.

For those that came by the stand we demonstrated the Devoteam approach to cloud migration. We combine tried and tested methodology with cutting-edge agentless discovery tooling powered by iQuate. This means we can help businesses plan their move to the cloud in a matter of days and weeks, rather than months and years. By cutting through complexity from the start of the process, we’re able to make sure that there are no surprises that could cause projects to slow or derail down the line – powerful stuff!

Transformation is in our DNA and has been since day one. It’s an essential element in who we are and it’s enabled us to help our clients win every aspect of their digital battles. With 7,000+ employees worldwide including thousands of engineering and development consultants we have a huge pool of experience to call on. We’re big enough to handle large complex and strategic projects without imposing practices on your business and agile enough to ensure any project is collaborative.

Our work with clients has helped them move to the cloud so they can not only improve and create new services, but come to see cloud technology not solely as a destination, but as a springboard that helps them continuously innovate and deliver successful outcomes across their entire business.

We felt the quality of the conversations at Next ‘19 was really high. There’s a general feeling that companies are now at a stage in their cloud journey where there’s less talk and more action. There’s an understanding on what the cloud can deliver, the new services that are possible, and its ability to enable growth and competitiveness. Companies at Next know exactly where they are in their cloud journey and what they need to do from here onward. Part of their mission is finding the right support to make sure they get the value from their investment to the cloud, so it was good to speak to organisations that share the same outlook and approach as Devoteam.

We had a lot of fun at Next this year. We met some great people and had some fascinating conversations. We’ll be back next year for Next 2020 and we’re already looking forward to it. In the meantime, we’re aiming to continue to build our UK cloud practice and look forward to helping new partners turn their cloud challenges into cloud successes.

See you next year!


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