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DevOps: and now what?


A blog on the maturity of DevOps by Graham Zabel, Head of DevOps at Devoteam UK

Graham Zabel addressing SEAM 26 on DevOps in London


On 21 May, Graham Zabel addressed the SEAM #26 DevOps meetup at Stackoverflow’s offices in London. It was a great evening with three very interesting talks and loads of 22” pizzas and beers for the 70 or so attendees.

First up was Toby Clemson, CTO of B-Social, a new startup bank focusing on social interactions. Toby walked through their technical delivery stack, where they are now and what they still need to do. With a name like B-Social, it doesn’t come as too much of a surprise that they actively contribute to the open source community and are big into ChatOps. The audience loved their Pennybags chatbot!

Next to speak was Adam McMurchie, DevOps lead in Cyber-security at Barclays, on why DevOps for AI. Adam gave a fascinating account of his time in China (he’s worked everywhere else), how technically more advanced as a society it is and how AI is playing an increasing role in DevOps. Adam presented a detailed five-year roadmap to AI and how it is underwritten by technology, culture and processes.

With fewer DevOps AI specialists globally then there are heart surgeons, Matt warned of the need to get it right with AI where the rewards can be enormous, but to get it wrong would spell catastrophe.

Last up was Devoteam’s Head of DevOps, Graham Zabel, who outlined the difficulties large enterprises have had embracing and transforming to DevOps. Graham referred to the challenges of managing an increasingly complicated stack in large scale organisations and pointed to a DevOps as a service module as the way to go, an approach that is working well at companies such as Nationwide BS and Orange Business Services. With a surfeit of tools and job functions, DevOps as we know it is broken and will change.

Xebialabs and E-Synergy sponsored the event which was hosted by Chris Martin of Stackoverflow (who uses the picture of his more famous namesake).

The three talks were recorded and Stackoverflow has uploaded the videos to the SEACON YouTube channel.

Speaking of SEACON, the line-up and high-level agenda has just been announced. Check it out at It’s looking immense. Early bird pricing ends on Friday 31 May. To buy your tickets click here!