Streaming Analytics

It makes no sense to automatically execute the best action if there is no need for urgence. Urgence originates when moving data needs to be analyzed in real-time for decision making.

Using real-time (un)structured data feeds (transactions, social media, IoT) will open up new perspectives to running your business. Transactional data is normally well structured but still has to be aligned with the data structures used for historical data. Social media feeds will produce vast amounts of unstructured data whose value still has to be determined. Data management and data governance remain key!

For governance, data used in your decision-making should be stored. So, in most cases, data in motion will ask for big data and cloud solutions. We will support you with it!

Data Sources

Transactional data running through your ESB combined with streaming analytics will open up real-time decision-making for areas such as fraud detection and next best offer. Social media feeds will predict the development of a situation or state using statistical models based on historical data. Combining all kinds of data sources (DWH, IoT, social media) will lead to new solutions.

(Un)structured Data

Data warehouses are designed to store historical data. Big data solutions need to deal also with (un)structured data. Distributed storage and distributed processing of very large data sets (Hadoop) is needed, for example, to cope with social media feeds. Our consultants ca n assist greatly with the configuration of a big data platform and unlocking of data using Hortonworks or Cloudera.

Streaming Analytics

Streaming analytics will always be combined with predictive models and complex event processing (CEP). Streaming is related to moving data to be analysed in real time leading to real-time decisions. When the amount of data is vast, these kinds of solutions will ask for a streaming analytics architecture. We have the skills and experience to guide you in this new domain.


Complex event processing (CEP) is normally not the domain of the analytics architect but of the integration specialist. We have realised numerous solutions for BPM and CEP. Combined with our analytics architects and data scientists we provide the expertise to help you design a streaming analytics architecture with the predictive models and event processing.



Darrell Woods
Senior Account Manager - Enterprise, Devoteam UK