Customer Service Management


Request volumes – is your customer service team facing growing volumes of service requests?

Manual tasks – are your agents hindered by the use of various, disconnected systems and manual processes that affect the quality of service they give?

Slow diagnosis – do your customers feel frustrated at the inability of your agents to diagnose issues efficiently and resolve them effectively?


Why people are contacting customer service isn’t always immediately clear, with the result that customer service functions in a reactive mode, with high-cost service delivery and low customer satisfaction.

Using ServiceNow Customer Service Management (CSM), Devoteam has helped a number of organisations in the UK to achieve excellent customer service, without incurring higher costs. ServiceNow CSM goes beyond traditional customer service solutions to serve your customers—consumers or businesses—faster and more effectively by connecting to other parts of the business such as field services, finance or sales, thereby breaking down silos to fix many problems at once and prevent their recurrence.


  • Reduced call volumes as the root cause of issues is identified
  • Issues resolved faster by connecting customer service to other related departments
  • Efficiencies achieved by automating tasks for common customer issues with the self-service catalogue and integrated knowledge management
  • Customer satisfaction is increased as clients engage using the channel of their choice

View ServiceNow’s infographic Secrets to Providing Excellent Customer Service here and the video below.

ServiceNow Customer Service Management CSM video


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Darrell Woods
Senior Account Manager - Enterprise, Devoteam UK