IT operations management (ITOM) is the activity of managing the provisioning, capacity, performance and availability of an organisation’s IT infrastructure including on-premises data centres, private cloud deployments, and public cloud resources. Effective ITOM requires an integrated, service-centric approach, one that optimises the quality to the business service quality and drives efficient processes.


However, many IT teams still wrestle with multiple, unintegrated ITOM tools and suffer from service outages and cloud complexity as a result.

IT departments often cobble together disconnected data from multiple monitoring tools which struggle to detect, diagnose and resolve service issues, resulting in more severe service outages. The cloud only adds to this complexity.

Proactively Eliminate Service Outages

As a major partner for ServiceNow, the leading cloud-based solution for service management, Devoteam helps many clients across Europe and the Middle East master the complexities of IT operations management.

We work with you to move IT operations from a reactive response function to a collaborative business partner with ServiceNow® IT Operations Management. You gain visibility into your end‑to‑end business services by understanding the relationship with the underlying IT resources.

Our service assurance expertise, gained over many years, will improve availability of your service health by reducing event noise, pinpointing disruptions and assure IT performance.


Create a single system of record for IT infrastructure spanning data centres and clouds

Devoteam helps clients use ServiceNow Discovery to create a single system of record for IT infrastructure, both on-premises and in public clouds. It identifies IP-enabled configuration items (CIs), maps their interdependencies, and populates and maintains them in ServiceNow’s Configuration Management Database (CMDB). It also discovers software applications and can connect the applications to their related infrastructure by simplifying CI (configuration item) identification and tracking to ensure secure and transparent management of all IT assets on one platform.


Map the relationships between IT components and business services in dynamic environments

Devoteam helps customers use ServiceNow Service Mapping to create and maintain service maps that show the associated mix of IT components and dependencies.

This top-down approach, which includes network traffic, discovers and maps the relationships between components, even in dynamic, virtualised environments.

Service Mapping continuously monitors the hybrid IT infrastructure for service affecting changes and updates service maps in real time.

With Service Mapping, IT can easily analyse service-impacting changes, pinpoint outages, and proactively identify issues.


Reduce event floods from monitoring tools and enjoy a single dashboard to identify service issues

ServiceNow Event Management consolidates, correlates, and analyses data from all of your monitoring tools to deliver real-time information about the health of business services and IT infrastructure.

It also uses machine-learning techniques to predict knock-on effects of critical alerts, so IT can prevent service outages. Service health dashboards show instantly the status of all business services so that IT staff can identify the root cause of issues.

With Event Management, IT can reduce event noise generated by third-party monitoring tools, monitor service health, prevent outages, and easily take action to eliminate outages.


Identify anomalous behaviour in the IT infrastructure before it causes service outages

Devoteam has helped customers use ServiceNow® Operational Intelligence to analyse IT infrastructure to spot issues and prevent service outages.

With its advanced machine learning analysing the IT infrastructure, the application automatically determines dynamic thresholds and identifies anomalies that may indicate potential service outages.

By creating event rules and thresholds automatically, the IT staff is freed from manually setting and managing them and productivity is improved.


Improve and accelerate service delivery through automation of business processes

With Service Orchestration Devoteam helps clients eliminate fire-fighting caused by automating manual tasks, reliance on disparate tools and lack of coordination between teams.

ServiceNow IT Operations Management (ITOM) video


With over 20 years’ experience of IT operations Devoteam adopts a practical approach to keep systems running. For ServiceNow IT Operations Management we take the following steps:

Step 1 – Map Business Services to Infrastructure
Discover and map relationships between business services and the IT components required to support them;

Step 2 – keep Service Maps Current
Continuously monitor IT infrastructure for changes and update service maps in real time. Effective discovery mechanisms needed to be run regularly. The ServiceNow CMDB can have multiple sources;

Step 3 – Ingest Events from Across the IT Landscape
Gain a consolidated view of service-impacting events for a rapid and effective IT response. These can come in a variety of formats. Set up event rules and decide on correlation location (ServiceNow or third party event manager);

Step 4 – Prioritise Issues and Automate Fixes
Automate IT and business processes to accelerate remediation, reduce manual tasks, and improve productivity;

Step 5 – Gain Visibility into Business Service Health
Prioritise the resolution of issues to ensure business service availability.
ServiceNow ITOM - Eliminate Service Outages


In addition, as a leading solutions partner for CA Technologies, Devoteam provides expertise in best-of-breed monitoring and performance management tools to deliver comprehensive real-time status details for key infrastructure and business services.

IT has to deliver excellent quality today. Service assurance figures centrally in that challenge. Greater migration to the cloud means tighter focus for IT on applications, transaction and service. This means managing the availability, performance and user experience of business-related services – Service Assurance.

As a leading specialist in this field with over 20 years’ experience, Devoteam has earned a reputation for an independent approach to the pragmatic delivery of both standard and complex network and web service installations.

The breadth of Devoteam’s service assurance experience spans the following areas:

Application Performance Management – using best-of-breed software we ensure you monitor, analyse, and report on transactions throughout your heterogeneous IT environment in order to identify the cause of problems before they affect services and the end-user experience;

Infrastructure Performance Management – understanding how to fix the hardest problems where application traffic degrades network performance, by applying our unique approach to exception handling of data in real time;

Automation – with automation essential for accuracy and efficiency, no other company has more years’ experience of ITIL and mapping process management to automation solutions, using CA Automation suite, to ensure that technology supports the business and not the other way round;

Contracts and SLAs – Devoteam understands how the correct use of SLAs will offer the best customer experience and employs best-of-breed software to assist with this objective;

Business Consulting – Devoteam’s unique methodology assists customers through a structured review of current services, maturities and best fit to supporting technology and toolsets without the usual costliness associated with consulting;

Operational Support – with a large number of successfully installed solutions Devoteam reduces the cost of management tools and their operation means through pragmatic and suitable support models. These typically include extended support, outsourcing of certain responsibilities, remote monitoring and diagnosis.

For more information on how Devoteam is monitoring and assuring IT performance within organisations like yours, please contact us at




Darrell Woods
Senior Account Manager - Enterprise, Devoteam UK