Agile IT with DevOps

Transform the way you develop services to make your business more agile

DevOps is a concrete answer to the main challenges of applications delivery efficiency – time to market, short development cycle, quality improvement, trust improvement, cost optimisation, technology adoption – and is addressed through four the pillars of culture, processes, technology and quality.

With 50 certified DevOps consultants Devoteam offers a unique blend of expertise, experience and strategic partnerships, underpinned by our unique combination of management and technology consulting, to help organisations adopt the DevOps mind-set and practices that rapidly enhance the quality of their IT systems.

Our CALMS approach to DevOps

Our approach to DevOps is captured under the acronym CALMS, which stands for culture, automation, leanness, measurement & sharing. CALMS encompasses the five pillars of a successful DevOps implementation.

Culture is an essential element for a successful implementation of DevOps
Automation of everything to remove tedium while increasing quality and speed
Leanness means reducing waste and keeping everything to a minimum
Measurement of everything brings visibilty that prevents mistakes
Sharing fosters collaboration through exchange of ideas across teams and a single source of truth

Devoteam’s DevOps Research and Assessment service (DORA)

Amid the conflicting advice from all quarters on the best way forward for your organisation, imagine being able to draw on independent advice based on years of scientific research into the performance of your organisation, with insights into the best step to take at any given point.

Industry leaders Gene Kim, Jez Humble and Nicole Forsgren created an assessment based on scientific research to help your organisation win competitive advantage. The DORA assessment benchmarks the most important outcomes for success, shows your organisation’s performance over 24 capabilities, identifies priorities and tracks progress.

As an expert in DORA, not only does Devoteam help you undertake the assessment but, more importantly, we help you implement the change needed to enhance your capability.

Check out the 2017 State of DevOps report to learn how: DevOps practices affect deployment frequency, change failure rate and MTTR; the influence leadership has on DevOps transformations; high- and low-performing teams automate differently; DevOps helps organisations attain their goals.

Agile Transformation

Agile offers big promises, but there is no silver bullet. Under pressure to deliver systems in the face of bureaucratic procedures which stifle delivery and innovation, Devoteam examines thoroughly your organisaton’s needs in order to determine the best way forward.

Our proven model, inspired by Henrik Kniberg’s (Spotify) work, looks at several aspects of your agile maturity according to the two criteria of business alignment and team autonomy. By applying these two factors to your people, processes and technology, we determine how your organisation would benefit most.

Continuous Integration & Continuous Delivery

Faced with the need to deliver quality IT solutions efficiently, Devoteam shows you how small incremental developments are financially viable yet enable high-performance agile teams.

We understand the complexities of introducing into the enterprise continuous delivery along with appropriate security principles and risk management.

Continuous delivery brings automation to your delivery process. Automation gives you two important benefits: speed with delays from manual setups reduced along with quicker feedback loops; and quality through frequent testing made simpler. For that reason, continuous delivery is essential in your DevOps journey.

Our services include:

  • Continuous Delivery as a service
  • CI/CD setup
  • CI/CD health checks
  • Automation using Ansible

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